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Products Equipments & Accessories
Bristol card)kdd(@@}
Carbonless paperG6dE'E@6uD(^NI
Coated art paper & boardZ+^/cr:_|^
Converted papersxY'O?~}$B Z0z-ca$i
Craft paperkU:y:y(Jos\
Duplex board
(s"^:W`:]Z4V0 Envelopes
Gqg!iL(f*O8K6p"A0 Fine paperb X!LQ5Uz?&[4b` s
Metalized speciality paper6B| Q5a{+K:\ M
S.[,@3|k/c%K;K.~M0 Packaging paper.pVN1T&D0dB*G@
Photo paper
n0u)Z|\ ~[._G0 Recycled paper
}oI;N(eEc9z*m0 Specialty paper,yVsm:fj
Sticker paper
!z`#ds9E0 Uncoated paper
8VN NpM0 Waste paper
eWtG9C9}"`#s(yAq0 Wraping paper
Industrial Pumps & Systems8P2Ud,y2b
Boilers & Turbines
W$In9C$O @5K!v0 Heaters & Heating Equipment
3f9P#E2\0Uo0 Bearing & accessories2S%R2a\S6^
Industrial Knives, Blades & HolderL9K#L,mb5Ro5r|
Industrial Gears3jx#Dw4C@PT}
Industrial Rolls
(a5xu ny"N;p0 Paper Machine clothing
_3\ a d7I0 Dewatering Elements
Qu!F(Mxsp0 Automation & Instrumentationq |W$T{t
Quality Control equipments
+}%c o3?8a$e&lq0 Testing Equipments
Y[ kk+Kj0 Waste Water treatmentr,{r)H?
Pollution Control Equipments RE y;@ ~P"P|
De-Inking systems
Machinery Raw material
Complete Paper Mill MachinerylOk2l}1T5{&MH
Used Paper machinery & Equipments2~6}^[/?
Tissue Machinery
u-Q.y}j$Q#_Q ?p.X Y0 Converting Machinery
4s S Jn.JN:o o0 Printing Machinery
Waste paper
3o'CAx)q,`1v m Bz{r2@0 Pulp & Fibre
:D6yHk uC0 Minerals & Pigments:]Gx)^N%i5d v{
Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals
Modified starch
tg6gIV&dJ o0 sizing agent
!Y.xLK8B~i#q0 Insolubilizer.G:Kh B n&c`F
Dry strength resinE"K%a5}.|&V Ji&`
Wet strength resin1GNvlO5H w
Fluorescent Whitening agentRUVs$x)A7l1\
de-foaming agents
g%al9j#?:v0 water-soluble polymer polymers4Uqo(qk5YfM
functional paper chemicals
B4W'b N[xZ0 paper process chemicalsCY6mQ7t kP
Fillers and pigments:{SG"g L'k`B
Coating adhesives
^m2RXvI0 adhesives and other paper chemicals

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