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Vietnam's diverse natural environment, geography, history, and culture have created a great potential for the tourism industry. Vietnam's environment includes long coastlines, forests, and mountainous areas with beautiful caves. As well, Vietnam has a history and culture of ancient architectures, religions and cults, and traditional festivals.


Ha Long Bay
,R4~A%dbl0 Halong Bay lies in the middle of the coastal area of Quang Ninh province, 180 km east of Hanoi. It is the edge of the Asian Continent, which has been dipped into the ocean with the deepest point of less than 200 metres. The water surface of the Bay is 1500 square km large with thousand of rocky islets and caves arranged by the miraculous hands of Nature. The virgin forest was discovered in 1960 and hac been recognised as a national park. It has Dan Dan grotto, Ancient Men cave, hot springs with a temperature of 38 Celsius degrees, barashrea -htellata, dracontomelum... of nearly 1000 years old and from 50 to 70 metres high. 4^k.~0Cw"JGS V$X6C'h

"yOjpx6vi;o_s0 Sapa is a holiday-resort town lying at the altitude of 1600 metres. Built in 1922, Sapa is 38 km from the provincial town of Lao Cai. Its climate is moderate with average temperatures from 18oC to 23oC degrees. There are a lot of rains from May to August. In winter, it is often foggy and cold with tempetatures below freezing point and occasional snowfall.0C/r$wn5t m}F;h$a

:OE]#Ci J ?n[Y0 Two kilometres away from the town are the Silvery Fall and Cane Bridge. The bridge over the Muong Hoa River is made of cane. It is extremely interesting to venture on it for the first time.
w&E MLx0 The Hoang Lien Son Mountain range lies 9 kilometres away from Sapa, with its highest peak, Fansipan, of 3143 metres.

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