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Guangdong Chengming Chemical S&T Co., Ltd


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Founded and invested by Hongkong International Paper Chemicals S&T Co. Ltd., Guangdong Chengming Chemical S&T Co., Ltd. sets up 3 production bases in Dongguan and Nantong, among which Dongguan Longteng Industrial Co. Ltd. put into production in 2003 and Nantong Tenglong Chemical S&T Ltd. in 2013; Guangdong Tenglong Chemical S&T Co., Ltd. was put into construction in 2010 and is expected to put into production in 2016. Guangdong Chengming Chemical S&T Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech papermaking chemical enterprise specializing in the production and sales of AKD neutral and alkaline sizing agent, surface sizing agent, dry strength agent for papermaking and carboxylated styrene latex products as well as providing technical services, with the production and sales of bactericide, retention aid agents, coating aid agents and sewage treatment agent as secondary businesses. With over 10 years of effort, the company has been recognized by the market.

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The company invests a total of 120 million U.S. dollars, with annual total output value of 360 million U.S. dollars and annual production capacity of 600 thousand tons, including 190 thousand tons of AKD neutral and alkaline sizing agents, 130 thousand tons of surface sizing agents, 100 thousand tons of dry strength agents, 200 thousand tons of carboxylated styrene butadiene latex, as well as more than 20 thousand tons of bactericide, retention aid agents, coating aid agents and sewage treatment agents. O%~y#kgx



AKD neutral and alkaline sizing agent

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Papermaking AKD neutral and alkaline sizing agent is a new neutral and alkaline internal sizing agent produced by the company by adopting international advanced production technology, with annual production capacity of 190 thousand tons, used for making high-grade cultural paper, corrugated paper, cardboard, white paper, kraft paper and other papers needing internal sizing. It has the merits of self-retention, high waterproofing, low consumption and good stability, as well as fast curing, high efficiency and moisture-proofing.

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Surface sizing agent ^])u1|uV*v

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Papermaking surface sizing agent, a new generation of styrene acrylic surface sizing agent independently developed by the company by adopting international leading technologies, is made from imported monomer raw materials; annual production capacity of surface sizing agent reaches 130 thousand tons; the products not only improves waterproof performance and surface quality of papers, but also reduces sizing costs, used for cultural paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper, cardboard and other papers needing surface sizing.




Dry strength agent "B0On+` QwX

Production introduction


Papermaking dry strength agent, an amphoteric polyacrylamide reinforcing agent with network structure, is newly developed by the company by adopting international advanced papermaking technology; the annual production capacity of dry strength agent amounts to 100 thousand tons; the product is fully ionized at a wide range of PH values, not only effectively improving hydrogen bonding force in fibers, but also making covalent bond between ion groups more stable, thus significantly enhancing the sizing efficiency. The product is mainly used in high-strength corrugated paper, kraft paper, bobbin fiber paper and high-strength corrugated core paper etc..

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Product introduction

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The company develops polyacrylamide flocculant for papermaking wastewater treatment, including cationic polyacrylamide flocculant, mainly used for washing and bleaching effluent treatment in papermaking workshop, fluid mud and pressuring mud treatment in sewage workshop, and thermoelectric desulfurization wastewater treatment in power workshop, characterized by high purity, high molecular weight, high solubility, high sewage removal capacity, high dryness degree of pressuring mud with clear filtrate. e9{@D/[


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